20 Comics That Hilariously Illustrates The Differences Between Cats And Dogs

Most of the time we have been asked a question, if you like dogs or cats. This is the most frequently asked question pet owners experience, and considering that there is no specific explanation, although you can’t totally be both, there is a motivation behind why this question comes up so often.

There are many talented artists creatively drawing comics on this particular topic. The beauty of comics is that people become more amused rather than easily offended. As a pet owner, we love to see content related to pets, especially dogs and cats, on social media. The reason is that it keeps us warm and happy.

We’ve compiled a list of comics that amusingly illustrate the difference between cats and dogs. Scroll down and check out these hilarious comics that cat and dog owners will relate to. In the end, let us know which comic you find most relatable in the comments below.






Cats and dogs generally have opposite characters that can usually cause totally different associations with their people. Cats are generally freer, cunning and do not especially require your adoration and love. On the other hand, dogs are more social animals, lively, welcoming and, if we dare to say it, a bit silly at times.






What better approach to illustrating the wide range of cat and dog owner comics than a cleverly done comic? We hope these comics brighten your day. Share it with your loved ones who need to see this.












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