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20 Decent Couple Comics by Max and Julia That Perfectly Sum up What True Relationship Looks Like

Crislane Passos is a gifted artist who, as of the time of writing, had 362,000 followers on Instagram. She is a Brazilian artist. One of her most well-known works is a series of couple comics about Max and Julia, which perfectly captures what actual relationships are like. These characters’ distinct personalities come from the fact that they are not based on any real people. Despite each other’s unique characteristics, they have been together for a while and still adore each other. The power and beauty of a strong, devoted partnership are demonstrated in these cartoons.

Her Max and Julia comics are renowned for their realism and relatability. She perfectly conveys the subtleties of a true relationship, from the precious little moments to the sporadic arguments and misunderstandings. Passos demonstrates via her art that while genuine love is not always perfect, it is always worth pursuing. Her works serve as a gentle reminder that the basis of all lasting partnerships is love, trust, and respect.

Small details throughout her artwork give her characters a sense of reality. Passos’ artwork is bursting with life and emotion, whether it’s the way Max looks at Julia or the way Julia wrinkles her nose when she laughs. Her ability to portray the beauty of actual relationships is extremely amazing, and her attention to detail and focus on positive make her art a delight to see. The top 20 examples from them are collected by us. If you are dating, have a cup of coffee and scroll down to the part below together. I’m hoping these brighten your day.

Credit: Crislane_passos

For more info: Instagram

#1. Old man

#2. Ready for Carnaval?

#3. Beginning vs after 10 Years

#4. When we love someone, of course we care

#5. In public vs alone

#6. Like a mechanical bull

#7. Naughty moments

#8. Love you more than coffee!

#9. Spider man

#10. Do you wanna bet?

#11. Take off all your clothes

#12. Over and over again

#13. Baby are you ok?

#14. Does it hurt?

#15. Do you want to make her dream come true?

#16. I’m not in love with you

#17. What did you steal?

#18. How was the dream?

#19. Baby, what colour should i use?

#20. Merry Christmas!

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