20 Horrifying And Dark Comics With A Twist You Weren’t Expecting by Strangertrek

We all love a bit of dark humor now, don’t we?

There are many people who love different genres. Some enjoy romance, others have a heart for comedy, while still others enjoy action and thrills. There are countless genres out there, something for everyone to love. One of them is “terror” and the artist Roby Poche is a master playing with it. When it comes to creating and sharing horror comics, there’s no one who does it better than him. The talented artist from Austin, Texas also likes to add a dark touch to his creations, which makes the end result worth it. You can’t wait for what comes next and you have to read the comic to the last point because of the unexpected twists it incorporates, which it is very famous for.

Roby is a passionate artist with over 34,000 followers on Instagram in two years. Yes, he only started in 2020 and has won a lot since then. Roby goes by the name “Strangetrek” online. Today we will be enjoying some of the best horror and dark comics from him.

Scroll down below for some worthwhile comics!

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1. Dang you, COVID.

2. Precisely how the relationship works if you take both perspectives into account.

3. Sorry, God. But just 10 more minutes. Please?

4. No hard feelings, it’s what the duty demands.

5. How could he possibly have the feeling that he will also be saved?


6. So that’s how they all have been rejecting the proposals.

7. No guys, I am here on a professional visit. You will see it soon.

8. No one is going to argue about that one. Cats are perfect.

9. We are the export leftovers with minor damages.

10. We are all in a simulation.

11. We have all been there, Lord Vader.

12. Everything over here is Sauron.

13. I really don’t know what to say about this.

14. You still have to give a coin to cross.

15. He got anxious at the wrong time.

Strangetrek, you are my favorite comic artist now. I absolutely love these comics. They are not like actually horrifying but you can still sense the horror in them. Not everyone can do that. This artist is truly gifted and they are using their gifts for good use.

How are you guys liking it so far?

16. That was a really nice save

17. He doesn’t even have himself anymore.

18. The bear is only trying to have a good time.

19. Get ready for the dragon fire, for wearing crocs.

20. No Earth, no work.

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