20 Relatable And Funny Comics This Artist Creates About Her Life, Mental Issues And Other Situations

Silly things happen to all of us. From awkward mistakes to meeting strange people, we can all relate to each other in one way or another. That’s why comics depicting these kinds of situations are so popular with artists. They want to show you that you are not alone in this world. We all face similar problems.

That’s exactly what artist Evie Hilliar does with her comics. She describes everyday situations, problems she encounters and doubts she has. The artist told Bored Panda, “I grew up on the internet a lot, I grew up reading funny comics on the internet, so when I started drawing, comics came naturally to me. I love drawing and sharing comics; It’s definitely a way of expressing myself. Even the stupidest of ideas, through my comic, you can be more approachable and relatable to a lot more people than I ever thought possible.

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This artist’s style is colorful, fun, and happy most of the time; However, when she tackles more serious topics, such as mental issues, she changes her style to a more detailed and serious style with black and white line drawing. This is a great way to show your readers that the themes of the illustrations have changed. Evie has at least 3 of these types of styles for you to draw, each style belongs to comics with a different theme and themes it deals with


The artist spoke with Bored Panda and told us that the main goal of the illustrations is:Through my drawings, I just want to express myself. Even the most stupid ideas, through comics, are accessible and approachable to many more people than I ever thought possible . She also tells us more about how she got into art: Growing up online, my family was old memes like grumpy comics and ‘I can put a cheeseburger.’ Webcomics was something I’ve always been drawn to (pardon the word game!) and so when I started drawing I’m just starting to get drawn into comics myself.



















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