Artist Draws Absurd Comics For People With A Dark Sense Of Humor (20 New Pics)

C-Section Comics has been around for 11 years and has probably touched on just about any topic you can think of tongue-in-cheek, from serious social issues to political satire to geeky streaks of pop culture. Some c-section comics are bland and inoffensive, while others have darker undertones and a bit of sarcasm.

The artist behind these hilarious comics, Aidan Schneider, who first shared his comic with us here almost two years ago, spoke about his art with Bored Panda:

“I draw since I can remember. I’ve published quite a few webcomics in the past, but C-Section Comics is my longest running comic on the web, I’ve been drawing for 11 years. It doesn’t have a fixed theme, I just draw random silly thoughts and jokes that come to mind. Some recurring themes include dark humor, technology, manic humor, existentialism, office humor, programming (I’m a programmer by the way), politics, social issues, God, religion, relationships, the Bible, nihilism, and TV/movies. .”

The artist said he’s slowed down a bit drawing the comics since COVID-19 started because he’s had to reprioritize life, but he assured us he’ll be drawing full speed again now, so this is the perfect time to follow up. Schneider. to work.

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Aidan Schneider takes us back to the beginning of electronic comics and how it got its name.

I knew I wanted a random cartoon, and I was thinking about the newspaper’s cartoon section. It has cartoons, cartoons, and cartoons, all starting with the letter ‘c’, so I chose the ‘c’ section.” The .com domain was obviously taken , so I settled on C-Section Comics (so, yes, there is a redundant ‘C’).




















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