Artist Draws Comics That Hilariously Illustrates Her Life With Cat And Dog

Plus, what better way to deal with it than having a pet? Especially a cat. All things considered, there’s one inspiration that drives why everyone calls people with a bunch of cats, crazy cat ladies. Okay, that may not actually be correct, but my reasoning still stands.

Missangest, a Swedish artist, undeniably agrees. Since he needs to draw step by step the existence of him together with his adorable cat Nils. Similarly, these standard circumstances range from excellent to amusingly crazy. In fact, cats may have the option to see things you never want to see, but we love them anyway.

We have recruited some comics that show your daily life adventures with dogs and cats. Scroll down and take a look at these comics you’re sure to find relatable.

Meet Nils and Luka, the motivation behind the comics





She has been active in this field for a long time. Her valiant efforts have earned her worldwide popularity. She has an Instagram account where she posts all the things that she draws.













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