Artist Illustrates Creepy Stories With Eerie Plot Twists That Will Give You Chills

Comics are an art form that most people don’t really recognize except for a few of the newspaper’s funny comics you’ve probably come across. The world of comic art has progressed away from the stand-alone humorous humor format. Now, we can find comics for a variety of types of entertainment. From fantasy worlds and superheroes, illustrated in interactive and engaging ways to help our children’s imaginations grow, to trendy and whimsical memes for more mature audiences, comics have a way to make it all work.

Recently, a comedian, Adam Ellis, has gained a reputation for his unique approach to comics. His work has a scary element that people really enjoy. These comics illustrate situations of horror that make the reader feel as if they are part of the frightening experience and give him a few goosebumps. These comics are highly regarded and enjoyed by their audience for their surrealism and quirky nature.

On Instagram, Adam has almost 2 million followers, which indicates that his comics have gained a large number of followers. Three of the artist’s most unusual comics are shown in the photos below. So, scroll down to get the chills!

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1. One of the best creepy island comics ever.

An Island, where only two people lived.

A small creepy island, where only mother and daughter lived all alone.

The vast blue ocean was a mystery for the daughter. But she was told never to question again.

While there were only two people living there, the faith had a different plan for them.

The mother passed away one day.

This strong girl was all prepared for this day. She knew what to do.

What’s that? An Egg? In a deep blue sea?

Surprisingly, she found a baby in the shell.

And so, a new chapter of the island began. The End!

This comic about a spooky island illustrates the story of a young girl and her mother, who live all alone in their house on an island. The mother has warned her daughter about the sea and to never ponder over what lies under its endless depths and far-reaching waves. Until one day a major turn of events unveils the secrets of the big blue sea in a unique, mysterious way. Leaving the daughter with a huge responsibility she now has to fulfill.

2. Strange Door: This comic is worth reading!

This couple bought a new house.

A strange hidden door was discovered by this couple behind the wardrobe.

Obviously, there must be a deeper meaning behind it.

Everyone on the street was a lefty!

It was as if everything had flipped.

Eventually, the couple gave up using the mysterious door. Wait! There was more to come in this tale.

Knock Knock!

But nobody was there.

Fortunately, it was just his wife. But wait! It seems like there is something wrong with her.

Everything was fine until he noticed his wife facing trouble eating with her right hand.

This comic is about a married couple who recently moved into a new house. Soon after they move in, they find a mysterious door in their apartment, hidden behind a wardrobe. Upon opening the door, they discover that there is apparently nothing wrong with the door and that it only leads to the outside of their house. Since it’s just a simple back door nothing to worry about, the couple was relieved. Until they discover something strange about the world that lies outside the strange door. This strange world, with a strange change, soon brings a strange and creepy change in the lives of the couple that leaves them questioning the fabric of reality and their confidence in the identity of the other.

3. Lastly, “A Mysterious Pizza Order”

Her job didn’t have a single tiny spark of glamour to it.

Until she found an online pizza order.

Because the address was two blocks away, the delivery guy was baffled.

The pizza was ready to be delivered.

Argh! Within a few minutes, the delivery man suddenly appears. He made a delivery request, but no one answered the phone.

So, they decided to enjoy the Pizza themselves.

Time to go back, the workers have all gone home.

Everything was going great until the girl noticed a strobing beam of light behind her

This is where the story takes a turn.

House No. 23, the same house that ordered the pizza with Salami, Olives, and Sausages – SOS “Save Our Souls”

This comic is about a strange order sent to a female pizzeria employee that she just can’t understand. While working her night shift at the pizzeria, while considering her rent owed, the employee received an online order for a pizza containing salami, olives, and sausage, to be delivered to South 23rd Street. The delivery man found the proximity to the order strange at first, but was satisfied with the extra delivery bonus he had with the order. However, on site, no one answered the door to pick up the pizza and the customer didn’t return any calls either. Later in the night, when the employee is on her way home from her shift, a sudden turn of events reveals the real reason behind the strange pizza order and why no one came to pick it up.

Are you someone who enjoys scary stories? If yes, then be sure to tell us how you feel about these beautifully illustrated scary short comics by creative mastermind, Adam Ellis, whose works are enriched not only with intriguing plots but also engaging graphics. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section below!

Picture credits: Adam Ellis

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