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Artist jenny jinya Comics Is Back With Another Tearjerker

Jenny Jinya is a well-known figure on the networks as an illustrator and cartoonist. His animal-themed comics are the main reason for his 290000 Facebook followers and 315000 Instagram followers.

Jinya is skilled at developing captivating characters and captivating stories, but her works also touch on the severe issues that contemporary domestic and wild animals are facing. Just a few examples are abandonment, pollution, and habitat damage.
His most recent comic, which has received a lot of praise, actually addresses the mistreatment of circus animals. Jinya imagines a lion’s life at a facility where the king of the forest is compelled to take action.

The outcome is shocking and demonstrates how inhumane people can be to the animals with whom we share the planet.

More info: Jenny-Jinya.com | Facebook | Instagram

Not all circuses, according to Jenny, utilize animals; some use holograms in their place. Or people who exclusively rely on the circus performers they hire. I’m hoping this pattern will catch on,” he remarked.

“It wouldn’t have mattered if I had depicted an elephant in place of a lion in this comic. Wild animals must be allowed to roam freely, bask in the sun, hunt, and defend their nests. Jump through the hoops since failing to do so will result in punishment. (…) The issue is that many individuals only share specific pages of my comics rather than the entire thing. They frequently skip the final page, when I outline the issue and provide connections to more resources.

Then there are those who don’t get the point and believe I enjoy drawing mistreated animals. They are unaware of my efforts to gather money and educate them.

The best part is that 30% of what you get through Patreon is donated to charities and animal shelters every month if you wish to support the artist as well.

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