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Artist Produces Wholesome, Authentic Comics Based on Her Daily Life (30 New Pics)

Luxembourg-based comic book creator Valérie Minelli. Her connection with her lover and her day-to-day problems provide as inspiration for her pleasant and relatable doodles.

“Due to my own pessimism, I attempt to make others happy. So, the comics serve as therapy for both me and, hopefully, the readers. It’s a victory if I can even make one person smile after reading them “On Bored Panda, the artist has already posted.

For some endearing and moving stories, scroll down. Check out Mrs. Frollein’s earlier entries by clicking here if you’re seeking for more uplifting comics.

More info: Instagram | mrsfrollein.com | ko-fi.com



We got in touch with Valérie again to learn more about her creative process and herself. We got curious about the time she first realized that she wanted to create comics. The artist shared that it was mostly when she was at school that she wanted to draw them. “I had always done drawings, painting and illustrations but it wasn’t until I took a comic class when I knew that’s what I wanted to do!”


















The most challenging part of the creative process for Valérie is compressing an idea into only a few panels. “You get an idea for a story or a joke, but trying out different compositions is the most tricky part for me. Things like ‘how many words do I need?’ ‘Where do I put the speech balloons?’ Stuff like that.”

Talking about the part that she enjoys the most, Valérie shared that recently she started coloring her comics, “so right now that’s the most exciting part for me! Trying different colors, using shading, putting in little details, etc.”





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