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Artist Uses Dark Humor While Drawing ‘Afterlife’ Comics That Will Make You Chuckle

With comics, you can draw anything, even the afterlife.

Is not it cool that you can make and create anything with art? Art gives you a chance to bring life to your imagination. Although, it cannot be real but it is so cool to imagine and draw crazy things using your imagination and creativity. Have you ever thought about drawing or illustrating the afterlife? How scary and creepy it would be, right? But, it does not have to be anymore. An artist has been drawing “afterlife” comics by adding a touch of dark humor which makes his comics super interesting for people to watch. His comics are named “Awesome Tales Comics” and your view of the afterlife will change after going through his comics. Scroll down and appreciate his comics.

1. When you start reading a good book and really get into it:

2. Happy and sad after completing the book:

3. When you are into BDSM and Milf:

4. Welcome to the afterlife boi:

5. Choose one day of your life and relive it:

6. Once again in heaven:

7. But dogs belong to heaven:

8. Survivor will go to Heaven and everyone else would stay in Hell:

9. When you meet your dog in Heaven:

10. Wanna know why your friend is in Hell?

When you want to go to hell because you know your best friend will be there. And it will be a surprise to know why your friend ended up in Hell. Lol. Jokes on this guy for leaving Heaven and choosing Hell for his best friend. How cool it would be if they gave us a choice to choose between Heaven and Hell? How cool it would be to meet our loved ones, especially our doggos. Dogs are angels and they live in Heaven. We want to go to Heaven but even if we go to Hell, we won’t mind if they give free pizzas there.

11. How did he go to the third panel directly and we didn’t?

12. Dogs are angels and whoever will love them will go to heaven:

13. You killed people? No worries, you are now a part of Valhalla:

14. Dogs get lonely when their owners die. It’s the hardest time of their lives.

15. Who gets the first prize in Hell?

16. How lucky we would be if we got to make one rule in Heaven!

17. Heaven would be so fun with video games:

Heaven is so good.

18. You watched porn all your life? You are going to Hell.

19. When you die and God asks you to review your experience on Earth:

Branded clothes are expensive, waking up for work on Monday is hard and I had an ugly face. So, one-star for Earth. It needs some improvements, God. Send us to Earth again but this time, with a prettier face, a good job and a Lamborghini. We hope you enjoyed watching the afterlife comics. Which of these comics did you like and enjoyed the most? Comment down to share your views and upvote for your favorite ones.

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