Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Animal Comics Just Released A New Tragic One About A Freezing Dog

Jenny Jinya, the artist who makes people cry with her Loving Reaper comics, started the series with a story about a dog that was left behind. Over time, she has included more and more animals in her work, such as rabbits, parrots, and elephants. Now, Jenny is back with an article about another good boy in a bad family.

Three days ago she uploaded a strip that takes us to winter. Zeus, an optimistic canine, spends his days frozen, tied to a kennel. However, he doesn’t break his spirit. Zeus still loves his family. But the weather is more than he can handle.

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What makes Jenny Jinya’s comics unique is the fact that she extensively researches the topics she covers. And this was no exception. Unfortunately, winters actually produce reports of people leaving their dogs outside to freeze to death.

“I wanted to address this topic for a long time,” Jenny Jinya told Bored Panda. “It bothers me that there are still people who believe that their dog can handle everything, as if they had a wild wolf in their garden. But our dogs are tamed, they have adapted to our circumstances. Most dog breeds do not tolerate cold (except northern breeds). Finally, I have developed an idea for a story that I can build around the problem.”

Comparing their latest strip to the one that started it all, Jenny agrees that they are similar in a way. “Over the last year I’ve felt like I’ve gotten away from my ‘comics roots’. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve forgotten why I started Loving Reaper.” She explained. “I have lost part of my motivation and inspiration. I tried to bring it back with this comic.”

The creator also shared some great news with us: most of her stories will soon be published in a hardcover book. It will even have some never-before-seen comics and a few more surprises. Pre-orders start this August, so keep your eyes peeled. Jenny Jinya will be announcing more details on her website and social media accounts soon.

Unfortunately, people know what the comic is about all too well

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