Funny Comics For People Who Have A Slightly Twisted Sense Of Humor

The understated, personable (and occasionally fun) aesthetic of the world you think you know is represented by the Argyle Sweater. Scott Hilburn’s projects demonstrate his unique approach to history, everyday life, and legacy, as well as his love for uncovering all sides of the question. The Argyle Sweater cartoons represent sad, humorous, funny and funny images from the popular cartoon The Argyle Sweater. The Argyle Comics theme is fun. Those who have to discriminate against people go above and beyond the call of duty. Right now, there is a lot of hostility in the world. The artist has a profile on Facebook. Make a funnel and your admirers will create some fun images. These efforts were effective last year, with 49,000 views on Facebook. The numbers are still read out loud.

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