The Artist illustrate a Emotional And Heart-Touching Comic About Pixie And Brutus

kliri_art (Katherine Kliri) is a 21-year-old Russian artist from Moscow and a comic book artist. She illustrates many pet comics. this counts: DI decided to do the comic, because these characters are worth it! This is a real thing military brats do sometimes. I did it myself. A lot of money has been spent on little military uniforms and bunker gear when my brothers and I were kids I’m working hard to fill my dad’s shoes because I can’t join the army I have to work harder to find a similar career I can be happy.

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#1 Brutus, can we dress like superheroes for Halloween? Heh, come on.

#2 Later on Halloween

#3 Brutus! Are you just wearing your old uniform ?!“Yes and no, Pixie. I represent ALL military dogs. They sacrifice themselves to serve people and save innocent lives. They are loyal and courageous. All war dogs are superheroes for me.

#4 God, Brutus, this is so great! Thank You


#5 Okay, what is your costume?

#6 * sharp breath *

#7 I asked Mister Wrinkle to help me with all the colors … I wanted to look like you because … well ..

#8 I think my superhero … is You


#10 You Won

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