These 20 Funny Comics Will Make Your Day Better And Cheer You Up”Have A Good Day”

When you ask most people what they want in a partner, they will tell you what they want in a partner. People who make me laugh or who have a good sense of humor may be at the top of the list. But who decides what is and what is not interesting? Good jokes, for example, simplify the expression of ideas with jokes (why don’t people enjoy goodbye jokes?). But don’t think wit or puns (sorry). In fact, when it comes to choosing the right spouse, having the same sense of humor is key, which is why eHarmony scientists conducted a study in hopes of bringing the findings to light. The site’s algorithm selects the best photos from around the web. future.

#2No one noticed him dragging that junk into a class that day.

#3She never put stockings on them though. They would quickly ladder them. Often another would adder one more. We all know what he would get up to after

#4For most trumpet players, blowing up your cheeks while playing the trumpet is a no-no. Dizzy not only got away with it, but he also made it an art form


#6And one eye. And several holes in his hat. But he’s still breathing! So, yeah! He’s good!
















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