Well-Known Comic Artists And Celebs Raise Awareness About What Endangers Animals In The Hope Of ‘Rewriting Extinction’ (9 Comics)

2,000 hours of video calls and 22,000 emails – that’s what it took for writer/producer Paul Goodenough to create Rewriting Extinction, a collaborative charity project supported by some of the world’s best-known comic book artists and stars. . The project encompasses 15 charities and more than 300 people from around the world, united in pursuit of a single goal: to come together to try and reverse species extinction through the power of storytelling.

The 12-month campaign focuses on publishing engaging comics that spread awareness of the life-threatening issues facing animals around the world. Beloved celebrities like Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais and Cara Delevingne have come together to lend their creativity and support. Joining them are some of the biggest names in contemporary comic storytelling, including the legendary Jenny Jinya, Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz of War and Peas, Chow Hon Lam of Buddy Gator, Nicholas Gurewitch of The Perry Bible Fellowship, and others.

Bored Panda brings you an exclusive look at Jenny’s shocking new comic ‘Mama Bear’, created in conjunction with Rewrite Extinction and World Animal Protection, about the horrors of the bear bile trade. Be warned though, just like your other stories, this one is really tear-jerking. I had a friendly chat with both Jenny and project founder Paul, so be sure to read Bored Panda’s detailed interviews with both.

Check out these wonderful and powerful comics by Jenny and other artists, and let us know what you think of them and the issues they tackle, dear pandas. If they made you think about the future of all of us who share this blue jewel of a planet, consider making a donation right here. 100% of any donation goes to the projects Rewrite Extinction sponsors.

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