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You’ll Be Surprised By The Sudden Ending In These 20 Dark Comics By “Luke McGarry

You should try dark humor if you find conventional humor to be too monotonous. because it’s not your typical humor. Dark comics may not be easily understood by everyone. However, once you completely understand it, you cannot go back to conventional humor. We have another collection of depressing comics for our fans today. The creative illustrator Luke McGarry is well-known for his distinctive and colorful illustrations on the social media site Instagram.

McGarry has made a reputation for himself in the art world with his distinctive style, drawing a sizable fan base from all over the world. McGarry’s vivid use of color and emotive manner make his art instantly identifiable.Whether they be humans or animals, the subjects in his illustrations frequently have exaggerated characteristics and are larger than life. Additionally, he has a talent for designing elaborate backgrounds that perfectly capture the mood and tone of each piece. On Instagram, he currently has 76,900 followers.

One quality that distinguishes McGarry from other Instagram artists is his readiness to take on difficult and provocative themes. He covers important subjects like mental health, addiction, and loneliness in many of his cartoons in a subtle and thoughtful manner. His comics are frequently about serious subjects, yet they are never preachy or indulgent. Instead, they provide a genuine and profoundly sympathetic insight into the human experience. The next section contains a list of his top 20 illustrations. Scroll down to the section below if you want to read these comics.

Credit: Luke McGarry

For more info: Instagram | Facebook | Website

#1. Go outside

#2. Not relatable?

#3. You are stoked

#4. Not like award shows

#5. Tattoo parlor

#6. Free beer

#7. You will not replace us

#8. O.K Corral

#9. The man of my dreams

#10. Right-Wingers

#11. You are fired

#12. Real-life Cocaine bear

#13. The guy likes pools

#14. President’s day

#15. No i would not

#16. Show feet

#17. Two of his films

#18. Unnecessary

#19. Fuck!

#20. Cold war

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