15 Hilarious Comics With Unexpected Dark Humor

The world is going through a tough time right now and all we need is a break. We all need healthy content to feel positive and what’s more fun than a healthy black humor comedy? Today we have 15 funny caricatures of the artist Mo. The full name of the Ministry of Education is Mohamed Al Mayatis. He is the founder of the comedy “VeryCereals”. Moe studies computer science and paints for fun. He comes from a family where art is not a part of his life, but it has become a big part of Mo’s life and he loves to learn art. He learned everything from Youtube and now he creates amazing art. We are sure you will love it too. So scroll down.

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#1 Goodbye loser

#2 When your mom wants you to grow up fast

#3 Pictures for Halloween Costume Contest

#4 That’s how we get ready for Mondays

#5 Back in the old times


6. Make your tomatoes blush by complimenting them every now and then.

7. If making lives easier was this easy:

We love Moe’s style of art. His illustrations are a perfect blend of fun and art. No one can scroll down without laughing. They are a great source of joy in a gloomy day. He makes things so easier. Life is pretty hard on all of us these days and all we want is something that can keep us going and Moe’s art is doing it perfectly. Scroll down for more illustrations.

8. Treat everyone nicely:

9. The purpose of my life:

10. That moment when dad tells you where do babies come from?

11. Frog tricked the girl into kissing her:

12. The high five.

13. How dare you call the monster ugly?

14. When you want to live a long life:

15. You can’t compete with grandpa.

Did you like Moe’s style of art? We are in love with his art and the use of humor. What do you think? Comment down to let us know which of Moe’s illustrations did you like the most? Also, support the artist on Instagram.

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