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20 Hilarious Humor Side Comics That Will Liven Your Day

The Humor Side Comics is a legendary cartoonist’s comic series that has stood the test of time, revelling readers for over 40 years with its unique blend of humour, satire, and absurdity. For its provocative commentary on society, politics, and human nature, the series has become a cultural icon.

The Funny Side is the narrative of a group of people that live in a tiny town, each with their unique peculiarities and oddities. The series’ storyline is irrational and eccentric, usually defying assumptions and upending social standards. Readers of all ages will find the series endearing because the characters are endearing and larger-than-life.

With all due respect, it is stated there that these comic strips are only for fan entertainment. All of these comic series are the work of well-known artists.





















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