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25 Absurd Comics That Will Weirdly Ring True For Many People Out There

little bit of absurdity is what makes life fun.

While we all like to say that having a stable life is what we want without any surprises but do we really want that? I mean if there wasn’t any absurdity in our day-to-day life, wouldn’t it be incredibly boring? That is what I think least and I am sure a lot of people would agree with me on that. The excitement that comes with living your life is because of all the surprising ups and downs. It is even possible to look back at the little things that make you happy just as in these comics.

While these comics may not invoke the happiest emotion in you, they will bring at least a little bit of joy to your life. And at the end of the day, that is all we want to break up our momentous life sometimes. And the one we have to thank for these cute but weird comics is Ryan Kramer. All of his comics are short and sweet and that is what attracted me to his comics in the first place. If you have a little bit of free time and want a chuckle, you have come to the right place.

Just scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy.

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#1 Maybe it is just me, but I was a little surprised by the fast splat.

#2 Honestly, this might hit a little too close to home for many people out there and that is just sad.

#3 He is technically only doing what he was allowed by his mother.

#4 That is simply heartless behavior from this woman.

#5 I only wish I could do this the next time someone asked me to smile.

#6 Sometimes you should just be quiet and not ask questions.

#7 The woman is the one with the dirty mind here.

#8 Is McDonald’s really better than dr*gs? I am not sure about that.

#9 Why would they keep that book just lying around the house?

#10 We all want a new nose from time to time or is that just me?

#11 That is actually a pretty creative way of getting out of jail.

#12 In my opinion, that was a pretty good joke.

#13 Who hasn’t had an oopsie when they were a kid?

#14 I feel the pain of this one as I always end up wasting my time choosing what to watch.

#15 Now I understand how he got such a huge discount on the suit.

#16 I would rather be in pain than join a pyramid scheme too.

#17 Everyone wants a vacation these days.

#18 This is apparently how people take revenge on dogs.

#19 Honestly, I am over weight as well and yet everyone keeps reminding me.

#20 A wifi connection is really important these days after all.

#21 They are both going to end up with a bad time.

#22 To be fair, science does mess up sometimes but they usually learn.

#23 I wonder where she got the baby from in the first place.

#24 Some people are just really ugly criers and there is nothing they can do to change that.

#25 I always wonder why people like texting over a call.

What did you think of these comics? Did these brighten your day? Did you find any of these relatable in any way? Comment down below to let us know and don’t forget to share these comics with your friends so their day can be brightened a little bit as well.

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