3 Adorable New Animal Comics By Pet foolery That will improve your mood.

As I said, I actually enjoy webcomics and a while ago (so much so that the post I made of them died with everything that died in version 1.0 of the blog) I found the adventures of Pixie and Brutus (a small e Innocent kitten who becomes a best friend and cause for concern of a huge retired German Shepherd Dog) the work and grace of Pet Foolery. The reality is that I like Pixie and Brutus a lot, but from time to time those of Pet Foolery set free some little thing that has nothing to do with their main story, like this one that we are visiting see here. It had been very funny because I am absolutely sure that if this could happen, it might happen exactly like this. I leave it there.

Credit: pet_foolery



We love Pet Foolery. They’re comics created by a Minnesota illustrator named Ben Hed, His comics show differing types of animals, like tigers, moose, or dinosaurs, but what he likes the foremost are dogs and cats since he himself lives with 2 dogs, and his parents with 3 dogs and a couple of cats, so he features a lot of material to work with. Her Instagram page is extremely popular, and she has almost 2 million followers. If we like animals, and comics too, it makes plenty of sense, right? Below you’ll see some.




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