7 New Comics From The Adorable Duo Pixie And Brutus

Cat and dog lovers unite with the duo Pixie and Brutus – the comic web series that follows a hilarious, extremely cute little cat and its large, scar-faced German Shepherd companion. Cartoonist and creator, Ben Head, told Bored Panda that awesome animal adventures started as a funny, random comic idea. But people really liked the series, so keep it up. Now Pixie and Brutus have a following on Instagram of 1.7 million, and their fun, humorous, and adorable stories continue to delight them. Whether you’ve watched their comic strip before or are new to the world of this unexpected animal friendship, these inconspicuous pets are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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Fans of Pixie and Brutus are growing fast and to keep them entertained, Hed decided to offer a batch of some merchandise. The last time the illustrator spoke to Bored Panda, he mentioned that the idea of making Pixie the adorable little kitten and Brutus the dangerous dog plush was in the works, and now it seems we can expect it soon: “Yes indeed; I’ll just start with Pixie. There are some changes that It still has to be made, but if I had to guess a date, I’d say we’ll start selling in three months. If we sell enough Pixie plushs, we can make other characters (Brutus next, probably).”


Keeping up with the demand may be stressful for some, but instead, Hed used it to push himself, saying one last time “I worry about doing every comic, but I worry about that before Pixie and Brutus were created too.” After that interview, his Instagram followers increased exponentially, which he said never ceased to shock him.


Not only does he feel pressure from his fans, but they inspire him through their comments. “Tons of feedback. What they loved about the comics, what they thought was going to happen, ideas for future comics, ideas for new characters. Maybe a couple funny comics in my feed were completely inspired by a comment on one of my posts.”


Through the development of Pixie and Brutus, Hed became a full-time illustrator, and while he says he gets less sunlight, not much has changed for his character. “Their designs are a little different from the first P and B comics, and I think Brutus has gradually become less hostile toward the other characters in recent times, but other than that. They’re pretty much the same.”


So what can we expect for the future adventures of this dynamic duo? For now, Hed is still focused solely on creating fun comics — but there’s always room for dreaming. “I thought it would be cool to have them turn into a TV show, but that’s a long, long-term run. Maybe it’s never going to happen…but maybe.”

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