Artist Creates Humorous Cartoons Retail Workers And Ordinary People Are Likely To Relate To (20 New comics)

They say “Take your broken heart and turn it into art”. In the case of Stephen Beals, it is about turning negative emotions into sitcoms.

Stephen Biles is an artist who draws comics forever “out of absolute love for the art form”. As Stephen himself said, illustrations are something he did after work to blow up the enthusiasm. He called them “adult children” because, according to the artist, “adulthood seems to be a myth we tell children to act upon.”

The storyboards present situations from everyday working life in the retail sector. Despite presenting the small parts of working life in a humorous way, we think most of us can hear the characters silently screaming of helplessness and exhaustion. At the same time, the illustrations are highly recognizable.

The artist was pleased with the appearance of his comics in Bored Panda, where he has always been a fan. “I can only look with one eye open at a post related to my work. I will try to be brave. I can use both eyes to look. We will see, we will see..

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The characters in these comics are Stephen Beals divided into four different parts. A really interesting concept. The artist believes that we all have different personalities, or at least Stephen has “four usable ones.”

As the artist explained, Penny and Berle are brother and sister. Harvey (named after Stephen’s grandfather) has known them since they were children and has formed a long-term relationship with Penny.

Harvey is Stephen’s ego, Berle is his full identification of him, Penny is the small part of his responsibility, and Claremont (the dog) is Stephen at his best, “that’s why he’s a dog.” There is also Todd (an extra), who represents the naive side of the artist.





The artist told Bored Panda that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animation from the California Institute of the Arts. For most of his college years, according to Stephen, he was still a teenager and therefore still an idiot. “I made a bad decision. I love animation and movies, but in the end, I didn’t want to work in the industry. I wanted to do comics, which are notorious for not paying enough to buy the luxuries I used to love for toilet paper, so I ended up working At the university library. I love libraries! Who wouldn’t? If not, find out more at your local library.”

Stephen continued, “The library I worked at was busy. Too busy. I’m going to die ‘busy. I’ve dealt with every kind of person imaginable. Libraries are like retail stores, except that they are free to the public, so everyone is welcome unless they actively try to burn the place down.


















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