Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Partner, And We Can All Relate

Meet this amazing artist Anjali Srivastava who lives in India and starts drawing comics about her relationship at the suggestion of her partner. She did a great job creating this illustration. Her illustration features special and amazing moments from her relationship and that is why so many people can relate to her content. He did this illustration quite well and we can all relate to it. Of course, those who are engaged. We are sure that you will love it.

These illustrations of everyday life with your partner are too accurate. Almost all of us experience this. Living with your partner is amazing without a doubt but there are always some pros and cons. Well, if you are single and thinking of getting a partner, then you should recognize some of these examples, for example letting your partner sleep on the whole bed while you slept on the edge of the bed. This artist is very talented and this illustration is too good to ignore. Don’t forget to like and share with your friends and family. Stay tuned with the deactivation for more fun content. Thanks.

Credit: Instagram

#1 That is a nice trick to get your man to do laundry.

#2 Now that is something all couples would have gone through.


#3 Sure will do it tomorrow.

#4 Literally all men can relate to this.

#5 Girls can be really unpredictable.

#6 And it goes on and on and on.

#7 Mornings are always the best with your bae.

#8 That’s something every couple goes through.

#9 There is always this one amongst the two who wants to own the whole sleeping place.

#10 No babe do not go anywhere.

#11 It’s like babe what do you wanna eat?

#12 This is the most amazing feeling in the world.

#13 True ones will love you in every way.

#14 Guys in the kitchen are always a mess no.

#15 Going shopping with your girl can be a little troublesome.

#16 We all crave that perfect boyfriend who gives you breakfast in bed.

#17 Girls versus boys luggage.

#18 Girls will be girls and girls in relationships can be a little more dramatic.


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