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Dan Piraro’s 25 Silly and Hilarious Single Panel Comics

When talking about Dan Piraro, chances are, one way or another, you’ve seen his single-panel comics before because they appear in over 360 newspapers around the world and are widely shared online.

The artist has already been featured in Bored Panda four times, and it looks like this post won’t be the end either as the artist publishes one comic a day with almost no interruptions. If you’d like to see more of Dan’s work, be sure to check it out by clicking here.

Credit: Instagram




I wrote a long graphic novel called Peyote Cowboy and currently posting it online while illustrating it. It can be read for free at PeyoteCowboy.net. It is a magical realism style story and is set in a fictional place in the American Old West. , somewhere near the US-Mexico border. The story came to me in what I would call mystical flashes over a period of a year. I didn’t set out to write or illustrate a graphic novel, rather the story began to unfold. came to me and I was so hooked that I followed the inspiration, completed the story, and started drawing it. When it’s finished, I’ll probably publish it as a book or book series.”












When it comes to people having opinions about his comics, this is what the artist thinks: “I try to make cartoons that make people laugh, think or question. All of those responses are appropriate and I hope each person gets something a little bit different”. of each cartoon”.

Most artists tend to create art to achieve something, so we were wondering if Dan felt the same way.

“When I started doing cartoons, all I was trying to accomplish was make a living. After 30+ years, I have been amazed and immensely pleased by the number of people who have told me that I have improved their lives, helped them, and helped them.” through hard times through laughter, etc. It’s undeniably true that each of us changes the world with everything we do, and I’m happy that my work seems to improve small parts of the world in small ways.












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