Father Illustrates The True Love Between His Baby And Dog In Hilarious Comics(20 Comics)

Having another child can be very stressful, but new dad Nate Anderson has discovered that his child is the never-ending cause of imaginative impulse. His comedy series Kid and Dog tells the hilarious adventure of his child, Rowan, and his family’s dog, Murphy.

Anderson revealed to Bored Panda that the idea for the great comedy came about after the birth of his child a year ago. My life changed because of this loving child who filled my house with happiness. The family’s pets had no clue as to what to consider from the start, however, my Murphy’s Golden Retriever concluded that it was really cool, he said, a Rowan who adores his fellow creatures and loves Murphy’s company. I began to attract amusing fun to show what I imagined in my mind was going on between these close friends.

We have compiled a list of some of his comics that show the adventures of the daily life of the dog and the species. Scroll down and have a look at these hilarious comics that will gladden your heart.





Boy and Dog cartoon graphics show discussions, hoaxes, and even some off-the-cuff jokes between dogs and children. Anderson explained that everything was new to the child, and I figured it was the dogs’ duty to show him the whole world from a canine perspective.





While his comics are steep, Anderson admitted that he’s not really adept at talking to people and using his ability to express, my own comics enable me to tell smart stories and make people laugh with funny jokes. I like to please people. I love making people laugh. Unfortunately, I somewhat dislike social interactions, so this is a superior stage for my jokes.














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