The Devir Family Welcomed Their Son Into The World, Here’s How It’s Going In 17 Funny Comics

Legendary comedians Yehuda and Maya Devir, from Israel, need no introduction: the husband-and-wife team is a force of nature in the art world, and their online comic ‘One of Those Days’ is well known across social media, and it’s followed by 5.5 1 million followers on Instagram alone. The couple documents their daily lives and fun parenting adventures with their two children, daughter Ariel and newborn son Ethan, through colourful, expressive and dynamic illustrations.

They have an instantly recognizable style that grabs your attention and doesn’t want to let you go. But most of all… their stories have affected you deeply and deeply because of how closely we relate to them. Isn’t that right, my dear panda?

Take a look at some of the best new comics drawn by Yehuda and Maya below and tell us what you think about them! When you’re done scrolling, we invite you to unlock the latest Bored Panda features from the “One of those Days” comics here, here, and here.

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The Devir family welcomed newborn Ethan into their lives and many recent comics have been about him


Look at how happy they all are! Little sister Ariel looks particularly pleased to have a new playmate

Trust is the foundation of any successful and happy long-term relationship. Yehuda and Maya seem to trust each other with all their hearts and souls.

I reached out to relationship expert Dan Bacon, of The Modern Man, to get some ideas on how to (re)build and maintain trust in any serious relationship. According to him, trust is something that is given but cannot be managed precisely. It is up to the other person to nurture and respect the trust given to them while not being pressured to do so or reminded of it regularly.

“You need to give the other person your full trust and leave them in charge of taking care of them. It’s not something you need to carefully manage. It’s up to them to take care of your trust in them by being trustworthy, without feeling any pressure coming from you,” Dan told Bored Panda.

The reality of parenting often isn’t pretty… but it sure is relatable

“Essentially, you give your full trust and then trust that the other person will do the right thing. To rebuild trust, a couple can start from scratch by giving each other full trust and then believing that the other will care and respect that trust, without being pressured to do so,” he explained. The expert for Bored Panda.

“If someone feels that they are under pressure to become trustworthy, or are being carefully managed to prevent a breach of trust (for example, having to give the other person access to their phone, email, or messages), then resentment will build. It leads to betrayal of the person regardless of the other.

Kids will be kids! Raising children is always a fun challenge when you’ve got the full support of your loving partner

Last February, Yehuda and Maya told Bored Panda how the lockdown in Israel had affected their families. The nursery of their daughter Ariel had to close as well, so they had to hire a babysitter to take care of her while they worked.

“Like everyone else, we have also not been able to escape the restrictions of the pandemic, and we have to be very creative in order to continue working in this situation. We have changed our lectures and workshops, moved them online, and are making sure to appear at online events as much as possible,” he said. Yehuda to my colleague in an interview.

Yehuda and Maya also drew a bunch of comics inspired by the recent Olympic Games

The couple was very busy during the closings. They have published a new online series about their own creative world, as well as a new book. Yehuda, an incredibly hardworking worker who “makes ants look lazy,” has loved to paint since his childhood when he started painting on his bedroom walls. Comics from the United States had a strong influence on his style.

Meanwhile, his reality-focused wife, Maya, is collaborating with him on the comics. “Usually after something interesting happens…happens to us, we tighten up the concept and do some sketches. Then, I sit down and start working. When I’m done, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement, suggesting color, typography, etc. Yehuda explained the process behind all these illustrations. The process does not take more than one day.

The couple said earlier that once their firstborn son, Ariel, was born, they had to completely change their priorities. “There’s no longer a married couple, no team at work…just Ariel. It’s a new life and we’re used to it. But not in a bad way. They previously said this experience would create new and better for us. And now their family has grown even more, with the birth of their son, Ethan.

Here are a couple of photos showing the couple with their son, Ethan, after he was born

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